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Throughout her world travels, Jessie Nemzoff has had the opportunity to witness and capture a wide variety of the incredible sights the world has to offer - on both a micro and macro scale. Moments in time portrayed in unique and beautiful, yet perhaps unorthodox ways can be seen throughout the Nemzoff thematic collections.


Throughout the Abstract and Equestrian collections, a variety of works are seen with a common theme among all - abstracted reality. Works that take the viewer on a journey from the conscious to the subconscious, coming with an invitation to get lost in thought and leaving with a lingering sense of wonderment as to what could be, as opposed to what is. This journey can be experienced from a number of vantage points, depending on the collection, whether it be from an aerial angle of a majestic galloping horse emerging from the shadows or from the intricate designs that emerge from moving water at a still moment in time.

Offering an aesthetic that borders on magical realism, Nemzoff finds the greatest value in art to be its invitation to get lost in wonderment, and as such be momentarily freed from reality. 

Large size and commissioned works are available. Works are available printed and wrapped on canvas, as well as on any of the following: acrylic, Giclée print on Hahnemühle paper, aluminum, or on Fuji Crystal DP II paper. For more information and pricing, please contact us





 TEL. +1-215-534-8303

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