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About The Artist
BLUES I © Nemzoff Fine Art Jessie Nemzof


An avid photographer and equestrian from a young age, Jessie Nemzoff has pursued these two grand passions throughout her life. In combination, these experiences led to her creation and launch of multiple abstract and equestrian fine art collections.


Her equestrian career began with an inquiry of what she wanted to do after school at six-years-old - to which she exclaimed “I want to ride ponies!” - despite never having seen a pony in her life. It was love before first sight. Always hungry for experience and knowledge, Nemzoff worked her way up the ranks from mucking stalls to riding talented but difficult horses, who she credits for opening doors that would allow her to go on to compete internationally.


After obtaining her MBA from the University of Oxford, Nemzoff leveraged her business acumen and equestrian experience to expand Nemzoff International, LLC, and focus on traveling the world scouting for and negotiating sales of international competition horses. Traveling to all corners of the globe for horses provided Nemzoff the opportunity to simultaneously pursue her passion for photography as she took the time to seek out scenes that captured her imagination.


Her eye for photography began in a 35mm Black & White Photography class in high school, and evolved through self-taught experimentation with lighting, settings, and vantage points. From capturing realistic scenes of international travels, Nemzoff began to acquire an affinity for the finer details and techniques with which to explore them, expressing the more mysterious ethereal side of the reality in which we live.


Throughout her abstract collections, Nemzoff utilizes a variety of techniques to create works that highlight details, often in the reflection and movement of water, abstracting reality to render a surreal experience. Her abstract body of work as a whole invites the viewer to experience the freedom of getting lost in thought, creating mystery for a deeply personal experience. The questions of what we are looking at, descriptively, how the image was created, may or may not matter.


The equestrian body of work features a different technique focused on capturing the majestic nature of the horse. This technique focuses on high contrast and lost-and-found edges to explore imagery that creates an optical illusion such that the mind knows that something is there, but it is not actually visible to the eye. Playing with the notions of Descartes and Cartesian skepticism, her equestrian works allow us to think twice about what we actually see and what we could be imagining.


Nemzoff’s works have been published in or on the cover of such international equestrian publications as The Chronicle of the Horse, In Stride, and Sidelines Magazine. She has exhibited at the 2020 Phillips Mill Photographic Exhibition and has been selected by Milan, Italy based Associazione 16 to exhibit at the Annual Dutch Art Fair 2020 (Amsterdam, Netherlands) and the International Art Fair 2020 (Brussels, Belgium).

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